Founded by the German oil pioneer Hermann von Rautenkranz in 1912, ITAG Celle is one of the most experienced drilling contractors in Europe. It also manufactures a large, state of the art range of oilfield equipment for the global market. Over the last century, ITAG has grown to over 500 employees and become an internationally renowned service company for energy companies.

In 2001, ITAG Celle was bought out by AIPC under the leadership of Dr. Jaber Al-Marri. Under his astute leadership the ITAG brand has become stronger than ever and opened up new markets in the Middle East and North Africa.

The operations of ITAG Celle fall under three broad categories:

ITAG International Drilling and Work Over Company

The first line of business that ITAG entered into in 1912, drilling has always been our primary offering. By calling upon the latest and greatest in modern technology in diesel electric powered rigs capable of handling hook loads up to 700 tons, our units operate across the world in a variety of conditions and constraints. We also supply typical mobile drilling rigs for oil and gas wells complete with top drives as well as heavy work over rigs for deep H2S wells. The drilling department has extensive horizontal-drilling expertise and has set numerous drilling records across Europe.

ITAG Manufacturing Division

With over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience for demanding clients, the division produces a wide range of quality equipment for the oil & gas industry. The factory manufactures everything from wellheads and valves to x-mas trees, fittings, pipeline accessories, tubulars and other oilfield equipment.

ITAG Oil & Gas Division

The ITAG Oil & Gas Division was set up in partnership with ExxonMobil, Gas De France, Wintershall and others to explore, analyze and drill oil and gas fields in Europe.
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